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Composite Lab

The CompositeTexture3D (specified in the MPEG4 standard) nodes gives the possibility to authors to have textures made of a render of 3D objects/scene, in realtime.

You can specify the size of the render (ex: 512 * 512 pixels). In RGBA mode, you can even have transparency if no background nor fog is specified. It can also be useful for creating a complex and/or interactive animated alpha channel of a MultiTexture.

Because the render is in realtime, you can animate the objects of the composite as any other VRML objects, and can even add things such as layers !

You can create various complex effects using that node, such as an interactive screen, a zoom, texture transitions, displaying a rear view, previewing a simplified version of scenes in a 3D list of links, etc... (cf "Applications" -> "Eye-candy samples").

Note: the CompositeTexture3D in RGBA format has also its own lab.

Click and drag the cube if you want to rotate it.
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