BS Contact  –  Users Guide
The Help Menu

The Help menu provides the user with information about BS Contact, this documentation, and with information about the VR scene.

The Help menu is available in the following user interface levels:

Trade Show / Standard / Expert

Available menu entries:

Online Manual:

Opens a new web browser showing this documentation.

Check for Update:

Opens a new web browser with a page that tells the user whether they have the current version of BS Contact VRML or BS Contact MPEG-4, respectively. This page also provides a link for downloading the latest version of the player.

Visit Bitmanagement:

Opens the home page of Bitmanagement Software GmbH, who developes BS Contact.

About BS Contact VRML:

Shows information about the installed version of BS Contact, including information about installed player licenses. In the MPEG-4 player this menu entry is called BS Contact MPEG-4.

View World Info:

A VR scene can define copyright or other information in the WorldInfo node. This menu entry displays this information to the user. It also shows the URL of the main file of the scene and allows to add this URL to the favourites in Internet Explorer.


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