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The Viewpoint Menu

With the Speed menu the user can control how fast they want to travel through a scene.

The Viewpoint menu is available in the following user interface levels:

Trade Show / Standard / Expert

It is not available when the VR scene disables navigation by the user.

Available menu entries:

All menu entries:

Adjusts the sensitivity on mouse movement when the mouse is used for navigation. When the speed is set to Slow or Very Slow there is only little movement generated for a specific mouse movement. In contrast, when this is set to Fast or Very Fast there is much more movement created for the same mouse movement.

When a VR scene defines its own speed of traveling (with the NavigationInfo node), this value is not overrideen or influenced by the settings from the Speed menu. Moreover, both settings are multiplied.

The Shift key adds a temporary acceleration while it is pressed.


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