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The View My Avatar Menu entry

The View My Avatar menu entry allows to select whether an avatar has to be displayed for the local user*) or not. An avatar is a 3D or 2D model that represents a person in a VR scene. By default a model of a man that is located in the installation directory of BS Contact is used for the avatar.

The View my Avatar menu entry is available in the following user interface levels:

Trade Show / Standard / Expert

Viewing the avatar is also referred to as being in 3rd person mode, while not viewing the avatar is referred to as being in 1st person mode, because once the the scene is seen from the perspective of an invisible person not participating in a conversation scenario, while in the other case it is seen from the Me person in a conversation scenario.

1st person mode:

No avatar is shown for the local user. The scene is seen from the perspective of that avatar.

3rd person mode:

An avatar is displayed for the local user. The user view into the VR scene is from behind the avatar. The user sees their own avatar as a part of the scene. It is possible to adjust the viewing position relative to the avatar by pressing keys on the num pad.



In a multi user scenario, where avatars are important, the term local user describes the user on the local computer, while user can be any user in the VR environment. Therefore on this page the term local user is used, while elsewhere the term user is used.

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