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The Viewpoint Menu

The Viewpoint menu allows the user to select among the viewpoints defined by the VR scene, start a viewpoint tour or go back to the entry viewpoint of the VR scene. A viewpoint is a position and a viewing direction that has been defined by the VR scene. Therefore this menu varies from scene to scene.

The Viewpoint menu is available in the following user interface levels:

Trade Show / Standard / Expert

It is not available when the VR scene disables navigation by the user.

Available menu entries:

Prev Viewpoint:
Next Viewpoint:

Jumps to the previous or next view point. This jump is animated in order to have the user not get lost.

Viewpoint Tour:

Starts an animated tour through all viewpoints from the first to the last one.


Brings the user back to the initial viewpoint. This is where they have entered the scene. The Reset function is usefull when the user has got lost, because it brings them back to a well defined position and viewing direction. It is also available through the ESC key.

Front Panel:
Back Panel:
Detail Front:
Top View:
Inside, CPU:

These are the viewpoints that have been defined in the VR scene. There is one menu entry for every view point. Since they vary from scene to scene, the names and number of these entries vary from scene to scene. There is a maximum of 20 Viewpoints that are shown in this menu.


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