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The OpenGL Tab

The OpenGL tab allows tuning of low level Open GL renderer settings.


If the display is an a 16-Bit color mode, sets the frame buffer color dithering option.

Smooth textures:

Applies bilinear texture filtering so that textures are appearing smooth. 


Applies Mip-Map filtering to textures and computes the scaled down mip-map levels for image textures

HW MIP-Map Generation:

If supported by the OpenGL driver the driver/card is computing the mip-map levels

Compress textures:

If supported by the OpenGL driver is image textures are compressed by the driver.
This option can be used for very highly textured scenes, but it may reduce image quality.

Use extensions:

use of Driver specific OpenGL extensions
Without this option enabled most advanced rendering and  performance optimizations are not available.

Software rendering only:

force slow Microsoft Software OpenGL rendering

Z-Buffer depth:

the number of bits for the depth buffer: 16-Bit, 24-Bit, 32 Bit

24-Bit/32 Bit is recommended for qualtiy and avoiding depth overlap rendering artifacts.


The status lines below are showing OpenGL Renderer information,the frame buffer configuration and supported OpenGL extensions.

The settings can be tweaked for certain scenarios, like latest ATI/NVidia cards versus older cards with limited capabilities.

Quality Settings:
Enable: Smooth textures, MIP-Mapping, HW Mip-Map Generation, Use extensions, Z-Buffer Depth 24
Disable: Compress Textures, Software Rendering only

Also: Enable Anisotropic Filtering in the Render options tab

Anti-Aliasing : Enable Anti-Aliasing in the Display Driver Settings

Settings for low end cards:
Enable : Use extensions, Z-Buffer Depth 16
Disable: MIP-Mapping, HW Mip-Map Generation

Settings if low on video memory or cards/laptops with few video memory:
Enable : Compress Textures, Z-Buffer Depth 16
Disable: MIP-Mapping, HW Mip-Map Generation
Reduce max texture size to 512 or even 256 in the Performance tab.

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