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The Performance Options Tab

The Performance tab allows some general scene related performance tweaking.


Use movies:

Use MovieTexture set in the scene

Use sounds:

Use Sounds in the scene

Use textures:

Use Texture in the scene

These 3 options can be disabled in low bandwith situations (Modem etc) if visiting complex 3D worlds.

Preload resources:

Load all local and cached scene resource files at the start of a new scene.
This makes the initial loading time longer, but is very useful for local 3D presentations to load the complete scene in memory.

Visibility factor:

A scale factor for visibility limits and Level Of Detail (LOD) nodes.
Factor 1 is the default. If the factor is less then 1, less is visible at distance in the scene, if greater 1 more. It requires that the scene specifies a visibility limit and ideally uses LOD nodes.

Use textures for text:

If enabled text is internally rendered using textures.
Texture Text has usually a much better visual quality and is faster.

Max. texture size:

The maximum size of images allowed. Texture image greater this size are scaled down to max texture size. Modern graphics cards can support 2048 and some even 4096 size.
Reduce this setting for video memory limited graphics cards.

Max. vertices per draw:

The maximum number of vertices passed to the graphics card in one chunk.
Higher this number for modern graphic cards for faster throughput.


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