BS Contact J Release notes

v.2.26, v.2.25
-added support for multiple licenses

-fixed an exception when running offline without platform check
-expiration message added

-updated the license output to the console
-fixed centered position for the nagscreen

-inserted again the showancor parameter (works only in sw mode)
-license model changed: BS Contact J is licensed again
-fixes for new license under netscape (platform license)

-fixes image problems under mac
-fixes a small bug when using HW drivers
-fixes a small bug in the loading disk icon
-changes a little the nagscreen

-increased version number
-changed the package names
-added method BS Contact J.getBrowser(String name) to obtain instances of BS Contact J (BXConnector discarded again)
-now BS Contact J.getWorld() is fully synchronized with initialization

-fixed a small bugs about objects with 0 faces
-changes in sdk:
enable user to establish connections also when using Netscape 6
- fixed BXConnector
- fixed examples

-fixed the loading bar when loading bx3d archives
-added transparency sorting and fixed transparency bug

-fixed problem with TextureCoordinate setting
-changes in sdk:
BXConnector introduced:
= helper class available in blaxxun3D_ext.jar
hides connection details from user and returns handle to bx3d by simply
calling BXConnector.connect(applethandle)
applethandle: applet which wants to connect to bx3d

-fixed caching path problem
-fixed scene error with nullpointer error problem
-added garbage collecting when starting/stopping

-fixed Geometry.coordIndex bug
-fixed Geometry.texCoordIndex bug

-fixed arrayfloat problem with Coordinate.point
-fixed .wrl.bx3d files searching

-fixed memory problems with anti-aliasing
-alternative search for .wrl file if .bx3d file is not present

-nagscreen disappears on right click also
-fixed externproto and proto bug
-fixed inlines with absolute addresses

-improved picking speed
-fixed background.set_bind
-fixed load_url

1.19 to 2.06
-license model changed: no license check
-memory occupation improved
-new rendering pipe
-fixed incompatibilities with Netscape under Mac
-fixed null path inside textures (when using set_url)
-fixed JavaScript accessing to other frames. When you specify a target frame for JavaScript content you cannot use _self _top and other HTML shortcuts, but you have to specify the real name of the frame
-fixed blaxxun.getNode()
-reads .bx3d archive format
-public access to math lib inside BS Contact J
concatenateMatrix(float[]matrix1, float[]matrix2, float[]returnedResultingMatrix),
unitMatrix(float[] returnedUnitMatrix),
rotationMatrix(float x, float y, float z, float angle, float[]returnedRotationMatrix);
-2d layer handling added
create2DLayer(Image i, int id),
move2DLayer(int id, int x, int y),
activate2DLayer(int id),
delete2DLayer(int id)
-cloning methods added
cloneHierarchy(Node nodeToClone, String identifierPrefix) returns Node[]
createNode(String nodeType,String defName) returns node

BS Contact J Known issues