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Annex A: VRML 97 Compliancy

This annex list the differences between VRML 97 and the Core X3D specification.


The Core X3D UTF 8 file format is comptabile with VRML97 in order to re-use existing VRML97 content and authoring tools. The fileformat contains profile information in the header, viewed by VRML 97 browsers as comments.

Supported VRML 97 features

Supported Nodes

Anchor, Appearance, AudioClip *, Background *, Billboard, ColorInterpolator, Coordinate, CoordinateInterpolator, DirectionalLight, Group, ImageTexture *, IndexedFaceSet *, IndexedLineSet, Inline, Lod, Material *, NavigationInfo *, OrientationInterpolator, PointSet, PositionInterpolator, ProximitySensor, ScalarInterpolator, Sound *, Switch, TextureCoordinate, TimeSensor, TouchSensor *, Transform, Viewpoint, VisibilitySensor, WorldInfo.

* == some restrictions apply

Detailed VRML 97 differenes for each node are described in Nodes.

DEF, USE and ROUTE language features are supported.


Unsupported VRML 97 features

Unsupported Nodes

Box, Collision, Color , Cone ,Cylinder, CylinderSensor , ElevationGrid, Extrusion, Fog, FontStyle, MovieTexture, Normal, NormalInterpolator, PixelTexture, PlaneSensor,PointLight, Script, Sphere, SpereSensor, SpotLight, Text, TextureTransform.

PROTO EXTERNPROTO and Script are not supported in the Core X3D profile. The stack behavior for bindable nodes is not supported.


The Core X3D specification includes the VRML 97 concepts ROUTE, TimeSensor, TouchSensor and Interpolater Nodes. Hyperlinking is done via the Anchor node, API calls and bindable Viewpoints are provided. Support for user 3D navigation and collission detection is not included in the core profile.



The API is similiar in concept to the VRML External Authoring Interface. Extended callback functionality and a RayPick function is provided. Synchronization of external application with Browser is done using the beginUpdate endUpdate functions. Additional functions for basic DHTML scripting are provided.