New release 6.2 presented on Siggraph 2004 -the largest US computer graphics fair -

First, the project “Sazkaarena “ of the partner Digital Media Production Inc. was demonstrated  ( ).


The object represents a commercial example of a complex visualization of a large real estate object with far-reaching integration into the Facility Management.

Approximately half of the demos shown were presented with the technology of Bitmanagement, which prominently proofed the stability and quality of the viewersoftware (VRML/X3D, MPEG-4 and Stereo) and the market-penetration of the Bitmanagement Software GmbH.

The second demo showed the state of the art quality of the 3D models as technical example in the area of geo visualization. ( ).


The spectator can navigate (e.g. over the mouse) in real time freely in the scene and has the impression that he moves in a film or video – but here no video is integrated in the 3D model.

In the context of the presentation, Bitmanagement presented also the current release 6.2 of the viewer BS Contact VRML/X3D to the more than 2000 spectators. Apart from improved support of the ISO format standard X3D as presently discussed in the USA, the release focused in particular on the current developments of programmable shader of the graphic controller manufacturers. Thus now the photo-realistical representation of materials is possible via the graphic cards. The graphic controller calculates the surface which has to be represented, so that data sets which are transferred e.g. over Internet or Intranet are reduced.                                                       ( )

Accompanying to Siggraph, Bitmanagement presented to the Web3D-Consortium its strategy as supplier of “enabling technology”, whose software may be integrated by third-parties in their products and service concepts. Due to the similar approach in particular in respect to CAD visualization ( ) it was agreed, that Bitmanagement should represent the Web3D-Consortium in Europe.