Fujitsu Siemens - 3D technology in Second Life for marketing application

The computer manufacturer Fujitsu Siemens Computers has now released a bridge to their island in Second Life. The popular and widespread application of a virtual world with over 10 million users is an ideal platform to share experiences with the new technology to collect and explore their potential. Second Life is also a platform to existing and potential customers in new ways and to Fujitsu Siemens for a new level in the buyer / user relationship at present.

On the Fujitsu Siemens Island – “the Green Island" - is a replica of the Twin Towers in Munich, where the company maintains its headquarters. The virtual buildings house various offerings which the visitor can use interactively. These include a modern equipped conference room so that one can look inside a showroom with information on Fujitsu Siemens products, with a play area for children while the adults are being informed, a shop, an area for the product advertising or demo subjects, where the company's success in saving energy is demonstrated.

Bitmanagement has rendered a film from its 3D software which is on display in the green island. All in all, the interactive 3D software of Bitmanagement makes as an integrated fil the visit to the Green Island a life like realistic experience. Best playback quality of the rooms, objects, products, high-performance real-time rendering and Internet capabilities add to complete the slogan: "Experience a new dimension."

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