VDC Fellbach - Visualization of a highly complex transformer plant

The example of the project "switchyard" shows that the viewer from Bitmanagement is capable of visualizing even highly complex applications.

The VDC is now also in a position to offer complete solutions. "In the technology initiatives of Baden-Württemberg, with its own nationwide network of technology it is expected that the most innovative companies in our state are grouped together," says the technical manager of the VDC Fellbach Christof Runde.

In addition, the project is a vivid example of successful cooperation of different companies. The project "3D-transformer-works" have been four companies in total. The Virtual Dimension Center VDC acted as coordinator for the laser scanning and reverse engineering, i.e. the re-modeling of the transformer plant on the basis of the scanned point cloud, came from Käser and Reiner / scantec 3D, Fellbach. The manufacturer of stereo monitors, Tridelity, St. Georgen, contributed specially developed screens for the auto-stereoscopic visualization. This monitor is capable of the multi-view technique and therefore provides the full stereo effect for multiple viewers simultaneously, despite their different perspectives.

The corresponding software supplied for stereo 3D visualization by software manufacturer Bitmanagement software with its stereo Viewer BS Contact Stereo offers the full stereo effect even without the often-used special glasses. BS Contact Stereo is based on the core product BS Contact as a platform for different 3D applications.

Used Viewer: BS Contact Stereo