Configurator - Virtual furnishing, easy to handle, individually to design, to watch online

To whom has it not happened before? One stands in a furniture store and looks at a piece of furniture. Looking at the perfect measurements, still the question arises, would it fit with the entire furniture setting? Here, a furniture configuration tool from metaio GmbH, Munich, with integrated BS Contact viewer provides help in important decisions.

The shopping tour can already begin at home. All one needs is a digital photo of the room in which a new sofa or other pieces of furniture is to be set. The different 3D models of items of furniture can be taken from a product catalogue of the web site of a supplier and can be inserted and put freely by click & design in the digital photo. Thanks to the modern 3D visualization technology, the picture reproduction is so real that one can hardly distinguish between the real and virtual item. This process is not only arbitrary but can be repeated frequently with different styles. Product catalogues usually offer other accessories too such as wallpapers, floors, carpets and paintings in a variety of colours and designs. The 3D software partner of metaio is the Software supplier Bitmanagement.

3D configurators today are of a special significance since shopping on the Internet is getting more and more popular. However, the number of the products and services is growing and the product varieties and the number of manufacturers also increases. The market is getting crowded, and it is getting more difficult for the buyers to have an overview of the entire product offerings.

Metaio therefore wants to take remedial action with the 3D software supported e-shopping tool. Using the VRML/X3D technology, a surf through the various offers is easily and successfully realized. Modern 3D software offers interacting and photorealistic account on the PC display and at the same time the possibility of retrieving all offers on the Internet and carrying out the purchase process online.

Used Viewer: BS Contact Web3D