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December 2011

Dear reader,

In the just ending fiscal year 2011 Bitmanagement has probably made the biggest leap forward in almost one decade of activity in the 3D software business. Two different development steps have contributed to nearly doubled sales:

First, we have made our core software, the fast C++ 3D engine BS Contact fit for established operating systems, different browsers and devices for the new generation of mobile phones. Therefore our customers now can implement BS Contact in their applications across platforms on operation systems and browsers.

Second: In 2011 we also expanded our business model by offering now content creation via a team of about 50 German and off-shore 3D artists. At the time being the content production focuses on high resolution city models, but other fields of applications will follow.

Both, software development and content production will open us new market segments and business opportunities.

Due to the growing demand for 3D software and online capable content we won many new customers with great potential and nearly doubled our sales compared to 2010.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year 2012, and – of course - an interesting reading.

Peter Schickel
CEO, Bitmanagement Software GmbH


  1. Release 8.0 of BS Contact
  2. BS Contact: Cross browser / Cross platform
  3. Content creation new service – 50 3D artists
  4. InterAR research project now finalized
  5. Our focus in 2012: Megacity Infrastructure projects

Technical News

BS Contact 8.0 – New Release
speed up - memory down – online faster

Bitmanagement has released in December, 2011, the BS Contact release version 8.0. as announced during summer. Thank you for your feedback as beta testers. This new release offers substantial benefits compared to former versions as it was designed with the goal of rendering speed and alocated memory optimization and comes with a download speed gain of 3D assets and scenes for content authors. So using BS Contact 8.0 can bring you performance leaps of your 3D projects in well prepared cases of more than 50%.

BS Contact 8.0 offers besides a new designed optional user interface a game pad interface and multi-touch screen functionality. Speed and memory improvements such as X3D binary geometry compression, script sharing, geometry instancing, a new BS SDK update and many more features result in the best BS Contact ever.

Release notes 8.0

BS Contact: cross-browser / cross-platform

In 2011 Bitmanagement has successfully finalized porting of our BS Contact C++ 3D engine from Windows to Mac and Linux systems as well as on mobile iOS devices from Apple like the iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPad 1+2 and iPods. In addition BS Contact supports the major browsers. Among them are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera on Windows and Safari on Mac. BS Contact the 3D real-time software became cross-platform and cross-browser. Later in the year 2011 Bitmanagement extended its 3D engine BS Contact to work on Google’s operation system Android for latest mobile devices.

Mobile testing page

Content creation – the new service

One of the major steps forward in 2011 too was the agreement to cooperate with Kim Jung-Grüttner, founder and former CEO of “maila push GmbH”, Darmstadt Germany. Bitmanagement now offers high performing content based on about 50 German and “off-shore” 3D artists. Up to now the content production is focused on development of high resolution city models. At a later date content from us will also cover other fields of 3D applications like CAD data for online interactive use cases. BS Contact based content runs not only on different browsers like Chrome and Safari but also supports established operating systems like Windows, Mac and latest mobile devices. The customer’s main benefit is to get both, software development and content design from one supplier with a team having a trained workflow chain.

Content production

InterAR research project now finalized

After a runtime of 24 month together with “Fraunhofer Institut für Grafische Datenverarbeitung (IGD)” the partners accomplished the German BMWI funded project “InterAR – Augmented Reality in the Internet on mobile devices” in time and budget. Bitmanagement has developed in the project a scalable and mobile 3D-viewer for commercial and in mass markets available devices (e.g. iPhone, HTC Smartphone, and others) visualizing server based AR scenes. Now software developers have access to a mobile platform as basis for creating application scenarios and products mainly for knowledge transfer.

Research and development

Our Focus in 2012 – Megacity infrastructure projects

Content Projects: One of the major imperatives for clients not only of big construction projects like wind power plants or large infrastructure projects are related to involve citizens more and much earlier in its planning phase. Based on interactive 3D software models we intend to give useful support to dedicated projects. Whenever participation of citizens and broad information of how large projects may affect their environment are given, the time spread of the planning phases was reduced, and remarkable cost savings have been achieved. Also “Mega Cities” benefit from 3D models of real estate due to the possibility to observe the models from all sites and to navigate interactively.


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