BS Contact - Update available

November 2015
Dear reader,

the only constant in today's IT business is change. However we want to take the burden from our customers to keep abreast with the changing 3D technology. So you can focus on your business logic and applications and leave the rest to us.

BS Contact family in browser on Windows 10 - state of the art and downwards compatible

In the quest to deliver state of the art technology for your projects our 3D rendering engine BS Contact has been updated for the latest windows system. So your customers can use 3D in the browser on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0, Windows 7 and Windows XP.  This is in line with our strategy to support all major browsers, e.g. Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  As there are many older machines out there the backwards compatibility for older machines is a big asset of our software as you can visualize your data consistently over the whole enterprise.

Best regards,

Peter Schickel

BS Contact - New features

BS Contact with Augmented Reality

Through the marker technique you will be able to interact with your 3D scene.

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BS Contact with Kinect Support

With the support of the Microsoft Kinect Camera you can take advantage of gesture control in BS Contact. Let your whole body be your controller.

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BS Contact with Oculus Rift Support

Oculus Rift is supported in BS Contact Stereo through our new rift stereo mode.

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General rendering speed improvements

Through code optimization in BS Contact you can render faster and larger scenes than before.

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Video saving from BS Contact Engine 2 times faster

The BS Contact Video saving module copies directly to memory and uses multi-threading to increase creation speed.

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