BS Contact Users Guide


Welcome to the users guide of BS Contact. Here you can find information about how to interact with a VR scene, available options of the player, available key strokes and menu entries. We recommend downloading the latest version of BS Contact (currently version 7.2) for use with this guide. The description of this users guide is backwards compatible to version 6.1. in order to allow for older installations.

Getting Started: 

For getting started quickly, see the "What is this all about" section below, and go then to the Getting Started page.

Please note that the term BS Contact summarizes the players BS Contact, BS Contact Stereo, BS Contact Geo and BS Contact MPEG-4.

What is this all about?

a virtual environment where the user is part of it and can walk around and interact with objects.
view this scene.

an object that the user can can rotate and zoom into it while an animation demonstrates its functionality.
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an object that the user can can rotate, zoom into it and interact with it.
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VR scenes as they can be viewed in BS Contact need not to be 3D. This is an example of a 2D scene where the user can interact with it. Of course 2D scenes can be intermixed with 3D objects.
view this scene.

Structure of the BS Contact Users Guide:


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